chatelein as an amulet

... Chatelaines intended to be both decorative and practical, Ancient Roman women wore chatelaines with ear scoops, nail cleaners, and tweezers. Women wore 'chatelaine brooches' from which toilet sets were suspended…


This Chatelaine was conceive as an amulet, a charm, a talisman, to be worn. I took the Chatelaine’s concept as the possibility to give a spiritual and at the same time practical use related with the idea of protection and connection between wearer and makers.




This Chatelaine contains fragments of objects taken from a home, each of this elements were sewn one by one by some of the members of one family under the idea of protection, thinking that it could help the wearer in any case of adversity. This Chatelain was made to be worn as protective jewel in its practical use.


Year: 2013

Materials: Leather, cotton, steel, wood, silver.