in line in metal


..."Jewelry artists normally push the boundaries of traditional concepts in art. “Line” for a jeweler is often wire, not pencil, ink or paint; it is by its nature dimensional, not flat on paper. Carolina Gimeno’s work in the exhibition is a marvelous example of the sculptural potential of the line in metal. Gimeno works in sterling silver, constructing irregular geometric frames, each hinged at single points to the next frame. The necklace is technically three-dimensional, in that it is constructed in square-formed sterling wire. Yet viewed straight on, it is seen as flat, a line drawing. But in her exploration, Gimeno expands our understanding of what line can be: the links in the necklace are hinged in such a way that they can be configured at random by the wearer into overlapping frames, creating on the spot a three-dimensional sculptural form. The vocabulary of the line, in Gimeno’s hands, is neither limited nor limiting"... 

Patricia Kiley Faber, Director Aaron Faber Gallery New York, USA

Published at AJF, Art Jewellery Forum. 2011

This jewels were part of the exhibition "In Line / In Metal" at Aaron Faber Gallery, West 53rd Street New York, through October 2011, after packed up was taken to be exhibited at the Navy Pier for SOFA Chicago, November 3rd to 7th. 


Year: 2011

Materials: Sterling Silver, Rodium, Diamonds. 

All Rights © Carolina Gimeno.