Mending Bodies on the Map is a serie of jewels whom asks some fundamental questions about women's position and the role of cultural myths in definitions of masculinity and femininity. This series aims to refer to the lives and work of women in both; the fine and decorative arts. The practices that concern the body with a long feminine heritage, tailoring, pattern making, sewing and mending as way of construction an abstract reference of the human body are used as source of inspiration within this collection of brooches.  Fragments of lines indicates constructions manners used in the field of pattern making expressed by a graphic and minimal expression on many of those jewels, the use of wooden eggs are also a reminder of materials and tools that are usually needed to mend clothes by hand. 

Jewellery is not only a decorative resource for human bodies. Wearing jewellery as we do with clothes, is also an important act and basic human need that helps to construct and complete our identity. 

This jewellery pieces refer to the idea of mending, fragments, mapping the body. 

Year: 2009

Materials: Copper, enamel, silver, wood, gold, brass, textiles, steel. pigments.